Web Host Easyspace Customizes Packages

July 21, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host and domain name provider Easyspace is offering customized web hosting packages to its customers, it was announced recently. The UK company is providing customers a “Pic 'n' Mix” package designed for “home and business users” which allows them to “change their settings to meet specific requirements”.

"Customers no longer need to buy a pre-built package if all they require is a lot of disk space, for example,” explained Easyspace Sales and Marketing Director, Errol Vanderhorst. “With Pic 'n' Mix, the customer chooses the specification. We take care of the rest."

The package allows Easyspace customers to decide on how much disk space they require (between 1 and 20GB), how much bandwidth they need (between 3 and 50GB) and how many mailboxes they want (between 5 and 200). They can also choose operating system (Linux or Windows) and payment plan. The packages have a range of features built in including “daily backups, webmail access, database options, firewall protection, password protection, web stats, free email marketing credits, free Pay Per Click search credits and customer support service”. Those purchasing a Pic 'n' Mix package also receive a free domain name.

"Our Pic 'n' Mix technology allows customers to determine the specification and cost of their own package, meaning if they simply want more bandwidth or more disk space, they can have it at the slide of a selection bar without the need to buy a more expensive package which includes additional features that they simply won't use," added Mr. Vanderhorst.

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