Web Host GlowHost Implements PHP 7

April 24, 2016
Web Host GlowHost Implements PHP 7
Web host GlowHost.com, LLC (GlowHost) has announced its implementation of the PHP 7 application delivery system.

GlowHost, which has headquarters in Stuart, Florida, United States, was established in 2002. The company specializes in providing “highly available, affordable web hosting and cloud hosting plans for SMBs and mission-critical enterprise hosting operations that require complex, managed clustered server solutions”. Its services extend to shared, reseller, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and dedicated hosting. By implementing PHP 7, GlowHost has experienced enhanced hosting speeds and performance.

Established in 1994, PHP is a server-side scripting language used for web development that underpinned the move towards Open Source (OS) Content Management Systems (CMSs) that resulted in solutions like WordPress and Drupal becoming the main platforms for website development. PHP 7 is the latest iteration of PHP and the enhancements to the software are the most important since 2004. While WordPress runs 75% faster on PHP 7, Drupal runs 72% faster. Ecommerce shopping cart Magento runs 300 times faster.

"We were particularly impressed with how various PHP frameworks performed under 7,” explained Matthew Lundstrom, CEO of GlowHost. “It also tested well under a number of ecommerce platforms. We think this is going to translate into a noticeable increase in performance for our customers. We also offer one of the most extensive PHP module libraries available on production servers today, including FFmpeg," Lundstrom added.

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