Web Host Hivelocity Announces Dedicated KVM-over-IP Units

March 28, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host Hivelocity (http://www.hivelocity.net) has announced the launch of Dedicated KVM-over-IP units to “all of its dedicated server accounts”, it was reported yesterday. From this point forward, Lantronix SecureLinx Spider KVM can be fitted to any of Hivelocity’s servers for a monthly fee. The company is promoting the new option by canceling server setup fees until April 15, 2008.

KVM-over-IP enables up to 8 users to have full simultaneous BIOS-level control of a server through keyboard, video, and mouse - hence the name, KVM. Each connects directly to a server and allows full access from a web browser.

“Some people rely on our support team for everything, some people like the idea of relying only on themselves,” explained Steve Eschweiler, General Manager of Hivelocity. “Allowing any server to have permanent KVM-over-IP access will satisfy those customers who crave 100% control of their server.”

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