Web Host Host Color Announced Instant Rebates On Plesk VPS Hosting

July 28, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Host Color, a global provider of quality VPS Hosting powered by OS virtualization platform Parallels Virtuozzo Containers has announced that it now runs a promotional campaign on Virtual Private Servers which use Plesk Panel as a primary web hosting automation software. Host Color provides Plesk licenses for free as a part of its premier VPS hosting plan VPS Custom or at low cost monthly fee of $5 with all other virtual servers.

Host Color, a provider of quality VPS Hosting ( http://www.hostcolor.com/vps ) reported to web hosting media that it now offers its VPS customers Parallels Plesk Panel for only $5/month. The hosting provider has significantly decreased the price its customers have to pay to use Plesk Panel on their VPS Hosting accounts. The company announced that its management body decided to cut the profit, the web host receives from VPS Hosting services and to cover a significant part of the license fees Host Color's customers pay for Parallels Plesk Panel licenses.

This makes the Host Color's entry level VPS Hosting plan - VPS Start ( http://www.hostcolor.com/vps/vps-start ) probably the most affordable, quality virtual private server based on Parallels Virtuozzo Containers OS virtualization technology, website owners can find on the market. VPS Start costs $19.95/month (annual payment) and now anyone who want's to use Plesk Panel on this VPS has to pay only a flat fee of $5/month. The standard fee of Parallels Plesk Panel VPS license is $15/month. It has been decreased exclusively for Host Color's customers with $10 per month.

The customers of two other, more powerful virtual servers - VPS Advance ( http://www.hostcolor.com/vps/vps-advance ) and VPS Power ( http://www.hostcolor.com/vps/vps-power ) - can also take advantage from the low monthly service fee of Plesk Panel. Those who decide to choose Host Color's premium virtual private server - VPS Custom ( http://www.hostcolor.com/vps/vps-custom ), which features 1792 MB of RAM, 100 GB disc space and 1000 GB monthly bandwidth get Plesk Panel as a part of their virtual private server plan, and pay only the VPS hosting service fee of $119.95/month.

Anyone who wants to learn how to manage their VPS Hosting account with Plesk Panel can visit Web Hosting Tutorials ( http://www.hostcolor.com/tutorials ) section in Host Color's website, and to watch Plesk Panel Video Tutorial ( http://www.hostcolor.com/tutorials/plesk ).

Host Color reminds the website owners that only a few days left until the end of its promotional campaign, which gives them 25% instant rebate on all web hosting services plans. It has been launched a month ago to mark the U.S. independence day. The U.S. customers of Host Color still can take advantage from the web hosting discount and to lower their bill with 25% with coupon code US2009. The the code expires on July 31 2009. To find other instant rebates and coupon codes Host Color's website owners can visit Web Hosting Coupons ( http://www.hostcolor.com/webhosting/rebates ) section at Host Color.

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