Web Host Host Color Launches New Corporate Website

August 29, 2008
August 29, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host Host Color (http://www.hostcolor.com) has launched a new corporate website, the company announced today. According to the company, the new website, which was presented to DrupalCon 2008 in Szeged where Host Color participated as one of the sponsors, represents a “new model of providing web hosting services”. It is, according to the company, a response to overselling in the web hosting industry.

"Web hosting is about people, not about gigabytes," explained Host Color's Managing Director, Mr. Alexander Avramov. "There are thousands of web hosts - most of them very popular - who do nothing else but to depreciate web hosting business by promoting offerings that include hundreds of gigabytes of storage and data transfer they never provide. This is the worst way anyone can go in web hosting business, and the bad news for many companies is that they have gone too far," added Mr. Avramov.

Mr. Avramov went on to explain that his company is focused on persuading site owners to develop original and content-rich websites that consumers appreciate. It does that by promoting web hosting as "a service that covers various fields of human activity", opposing the concept of "web hosting as a service that provides disc space and data transfer".

Host Color's new website has been divided into 4 service sections covering “Web Hosting", "Virtual Private Servers", "Dedicated Servers", and "Website Services".
The host provides customer support within a Personal Customer Center called “pZone” which integrates account management, customer care and technical support operations. Host Color will also release a wide range of value-added hosting services and products through pZone within the next few weeks, the company suggested.

Host Color offers pre-configured and custom-tailored web hosting services in
2 data centers located in Indiana, USA and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Alongside its shared hosting plans ("Blogan", "Content", "Social Web", "Web Mall" and "Multi Site") Host Color offers a variety of services made to power websites built on specific software platforms.

Host Color recently participated in DrupalCon 2008 CMS conference as a Bronze sponsor. The company manages its web hosting services through server management software (control panel) named NextColor, and the Drupal CMS is one of the preconfigured software applications in its autoinstaller software library.

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