Web Host Host Color Released Coupon on Dedicated Hosting

April 17, 2009 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Host Color (http://www.hostcolor.com), a global quality provider of Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Hosting has announced that it released a coupon code that gives its Dedicated Power hosting customers 15% rebate on annual price of this dedicated hosting solution. The web host provides dedicated hosting services in two data centers - one in Indiana, U.S. and another in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Host Color said to web hosting media that it has discounted the price of its Dedicated Power (http://www.hostcolor.com/dedicatedhosting/dedicated-power) server with 15%. Dedicated Power is a server hosting solution based on 2 x Quad Core Xeon 2.50 GHz machine which features 8 GB RAM and 2 x 500 GB hard drives. The service comes with 2,500 GB (2,5 TB) data transfer quota per month.

"Dedicated Power, our most powerful pre - configured dedicated hosting solution. Customers who need quality Dedicated Hosting (http://www.hostcolor.com/dedicatedhosting) services in Europe can also take advantage of 15% instant rebate on our Euro 1 Dedicated and Euro 2 Dedicated Hosting services", said Alexander Avramov, Managing Director of Host Color LLC.

The coupon code which discounts the price of Dedicated Hosting with 15% is DEDICATEDPOWER. Those who need to use quality dedicated hosting service in Europe are also eligible for the 15% web hosting rebate. Host Color allows them to sign up for its "Euro 1" and "Euro 2" Europe Dedicated Servers
(http://www.hostcolor.com/dedicatedhosting/euro2-dedicated). The company has also said that the 15% discount also applies for custom build dedicated hosting platforms.

The lowered monthly bill comes with a coupon code EUROSERVER. Alongside with dedicated hosting debate the company kicked off a very nice offering for Mac users. Host Color now gives them 15% off the monthly price of Virtual Private Servers (http://www.hostcolor.com/vps) and Dedicated Hosting services and 15% of annual price of Shared Hosting (http://www.hostcolor.com/webhosting ) plans. Those who want to take advantage of the offering can use the coupon code MACISBETTER.

The above discounts are part of the Host Color's new set of Web Hosting Coupons (http://www.hostcolor.com/webhosting/rebates) and rebates. The hosting provider is well-known with its approach to hosting business named Quality Web Hosting. Its executives say that Host Color "customizes not just VPS and Dedicated Hosting, but even Shared Hosting services to allow anyone to work in personalized business environment".

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