Web Host Host Color Releases Domain ID Shield Product

November 8, 2008
November 8, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host Host Color (http://www.hostcolor.com) has releases a new Domain ID Shield product, it was reported recently. The company, a “global provider of quality Web hosting”, has announced its ID Shield enables website owners to protect their personal data by paying a fixed low cost annual rate to take the information out of the public domain. The company has made the solution available for use with all shared hosting plans, Virtual Private Servers, and dedicated hosting plans.

The Host Color is well-known for its model of producing quality web hosting services customized to better serve different areas of online business activity. Alongside with its reasonably priced business hosting services the company offers one of the lowest prices for domain registration in web hosting industry.

All domains are available for registration at above prices with no additional clauses or hidden terms of service. Host Color, however, provides many of the above TLDs either for free on lower prices with its web hosting plans. Host Color recently released a low cost SSL certificate product named "E-Commerce Pack". It features 128/256 Bit SSL Certificate, Dedicated IP address, and costs $69/year. The SSL certificates are produced by Geotrust.

Host Color LLC is a quality U.S. web hosting company incorporated in Delaware. It powers thousands of business and personal websites in data centers in South Bend, Indiana, U.S. and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company also provides fully Managed dedicated hosting through HC Managed Servers and European hosting services through HC Europe. It offers discounts to academics and non-governmental organizations. The Host Color's corporate message is "Web hosting about people, not about gigabytes."

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