Web Host HostGator Announces New Dedicated Hosting Platform

Web Host HostGator Announces New Dedicated Hosting Platform
Web host HostGator has announced the launch of a new dedicated hosting platform. HostGator, which has headquarters in Houston, Texas, United States, is an Endurance International Group company. It provides a wide range of hosting products and services which extend to shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, and Windows and WordPress hosting. HostGator’s new platform offers enhanced resources and improved performance on previous offerings.

While standard Hard Disk Drives are still available, HostGator’s new dedicated platform is underpinned by Solid State Disk (SSD) servers and is designed to meet the requirements of companies and individuals doing business online. It features plans that “literally double” memory and processing power with Xeon-D 1541 processors, up to 16 CPU threads, 32GB of the latest DDR4 Memory and 1 TB SSD storage. Both HHD and SSD storage options are mirrored in a RAID1 configuration to protect data from drive failure.

The new platforms also allow users to “dynamically scale” resources like CPU and memory without the need for physical migration (unless users move from HDD to SDD options). Alongside cPanel and Plesk control panels, HostGator options offer free SSL encryption and a choice of operating system (Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Windows 2012).

“We are really excited about our new Dedicated Server Platform and hope you are too,” explained the company’s blog. “As always if you are looking for something we don’t offer, please let us know. We are always up for designing a custom configuration to suit your needs”.

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