Web Host HostPapa and Digital Certificates Provider Let's Encrypt Initiative Form Partnership

July 21, 2017
Web Host HostPapa and Digital Certificates Provider Let's Encrypt Initiative Form Partnership
Web host HostPapa, Inc. (HostPapa) and digital certificates provider the ‘Let's Encrypt’ initiative have formed a partnership. HostPapa, provides a wide range of services using 100% green renewable energy. These include web hosting services and a number of cloud-based offerings. With headquarters in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, HostPapa manages more than 500,000 websites. Its relationship with Let's Encrypt means its customers can enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) free of charge. The services is available through customers’ cPanel control panels.

Digital certificates enable internet users to exchange information over the Internet securely. They provide a layer of encryption between servers and browsers to ensure information cannot be intercepted. Let's Encrypt is managed by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) – a non-profit organization that provides a “free, automated, and open certificate authority”. The ultimate aim of Let's Encrypt is to ensure that all websites on the Internet are encrypted. Companies like HostPapa sponsor Let's Encrypt to contribute financially to its efforts. To date around 48 million domains use the https protocol.

"Security is paramount to every business owner that runs a website - whether it be an individual or a large corporation," explained the CEO of HostPapa, Jamie Opalchuk. "So we are really excited to be partnered with Let's Encrypt and offer this integral service to all our customers, both big and small. This partnership with Let's Encrypt will allow HostPapa customers free and easy access to enable HTTPS on all their websites, helping to make the Web a more secure place."

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