Web Host HostPapa Partners Web Development Corporation Automattic on .blog gTLD

September 25, 2016
Web Host HostPapa Partners Web Development Corporation Automattic on .blog gTLD
Web host HostPapa has partnered with web development corporation Automattic. The two organizations will work together on the new ‘.blog’ gTLD. HostPapa , which has headquarters in Oakville, Ontario, Canada was established in 2007. The company offers “unparalleled web hosting solutions” to a global customer base and services around 500,000 websites. To underscore the launch of ‘.blog’, the company has renamed their own blog ‘hostpapa.blog’.

The ‘.blog’ gTLD is an obvious choice for blogs, hence the involvement of Automattic. With headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States its is the force behind the WordPress Open Source (OS) Content Management System (CMS) and WordPress.com. Roughly 20% of all internet websites are underpinned by WordPress, which was originally developed as a blogging tool. Other solutions in Automattic’s portfolio include WooCommerce, Jetpack, Simplenote, Longreads, VaultPress, Akismet, Gravatar, Polldaddy and Cloudup.

"The .blog gTLD shows great promise and will likely be the preferred domain extension online for blogs of all kinds," explained the CEO of HostPapa, Jamie Opalchuk. "And the fact that it's being driven by a strong, progressive company like Automattic means that it won't take long for a good portion of the online community to jump on board."

Are you going to use the the ‘.blog’ gTLD? Let us know why. Add your comments below.

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