Web Host iomart Hosting puts customers in control of Power & Bandwidth consumption

May 28, 2009
May 28, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – iomart hosting (www.iomarthosting.com), the managed hosting and data centre services company, is introducing a new customer hosting control panel which will enable its customers to actively monitor the amount of power and bandwidth their servers and racks are consuming.

The new control panel, which is initially being rolled out to new managed hosting and colocation customers combines traditional account and server management with power and bandwidth usage data. The control panel contains current, historic and predicted usage figures for ease of management planning.

Phil Worms, Marketing Director, stated: “This information can be used by our clients to manage their server and rack estate more effectively and assist them with their energy efficiently and cost reduction modelling. We are fast approaching the situation where carbon accounting will become mandatory and we believe that providing our customers with accurate date concerning power consumption will assist them in forecasting their IT related carbon costs.”

Phil Worms added: “Targets for power reduction can only be set if consumption can be accurately measured and apportioned. The data that our control panel provides our clients can be used to determine inefficient operating practises, hardware et cetera allowing them to make informed cost saving decisions.

From our own data, and factoring in an average server utilisation of less than 10%, we have deduced that the average server is costing anywhere between £7 and £15 per month in energy costs for simply being plugged in, powered and cooled. If multiplied across a large server estate, this represents a substantial sunk and wasted power cost, a cost that can potentially be saved from the bottom line. A further benefit of this approach is that it enables the IT function to accurately identify power consumption costs which can be internally charged back to the departments using their services.”

Finally Phil stated: “iomart hosting is committed to integrating realistic and energy efficient stewardship into every aspect of our data centre and hosting business for the benefits of our clients. We are pro actively seeking to reduce cost at every opportunity: the cost of power, cost to the environment and cost of overall hosting service, and we view the introduction of this control panel as one more step in this process.”

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