Web Host Liquid Web Announces Upgrades to Managed Dedicated Server Solutions

October 30, 2016
Web Host Liquid Web Announces Upgrades to Managed Dedicated Server Solutions
Web host Liquid Web has announced it has upgraded its managed dedicated server solutions. With headquarters in Lansing, Michigan, United States, Liquid Web serves a 30,000-strong global customer base with Open Source solutions and other services, including Linux or Windows web hosting, cloud storage, managed dedicated server hosting, and VPS Cloud Servers. Its upgrades cover its “entire managed dedicated server lineup” and facilitate “faster application performance”.

Liquid Web’s upgrades underpin its commitment to offering customers a “best-in-class hosting experience”. Its managed dedicated server solutions benefit from new CPUs (Intel Xeon processors: the E3-1230 v5, E3-1270 v5, Dual E5-2667 v4, and Dual E5-2680 v4), business-grade SSDs, and “fourth generation” DDR (double data rate) RAM”. Each of Liquid Web’s services are underpinned by its “Heroic Support” which includes highly-trained data center staff on call “24/7/365” that respond to phone or live online chat enquiries in “59 seconds or less”.

“Combining great new server technology with our hosting essentials and highly-trained staff empowered to go above and beyond to support our customers, makes Liquid Web the best choice for web-dependent businesses and the designers, developers and agencies who serve them,” explained Joe Oesterling, the CTO of Liquid Web. “And, we make it all about our customers and creating the best hassle-free hosting experience on the planet.”

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