Web Host Lunar Pages Stays Up During Massive LA Power Outage

September 14, 2005
September 14, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Los Angeles was hit with a large scale power outage today leaving dozens of Los Angeles based web hosts without power. Hundreds of thousands of business, E-commerce and personal web sites went dark for several hours as their sites and emails were inaccessible. The impact of the power failure caused millions of dollars in online revenue to be lost while businesses sat helpless without the use of their emails or their online stores. Lunarpages’ emergency procedures allowed their customers’ web sites and email to remain 100% functional throughout the outage.

"Our experience with the 2001 California power outages as well as our planning and testing for other potentially harmful events have prepared us for this type of crisis," says Lee Coleman, Director of Technology for Lunarpages. "We have taken every preventative measure possible to ensure our service reliability in the face of any event that could disrupt our customers' online businesses. I am happy to say, our redundant systems and emergency power protocols passed this test with flying colors."

Lunarpages’ reputation as the worlds’ most reliable web hosting service once again remained strong as they demonstrated that they are ready for any contingency.
Lunarpages representatives indicated that they have received a significant increase in sales inquiries from customers who were affected by the outage and they are reporting an estimated 53% rise in new sales today from last Monday.

“Many of the webmasters affected by this power failure asked for proof that our clients’ sites were still up and we provided that for them,” said Trey Gardner, Director of Sales and Marketing. “We also made sure that those customers migrating to us took advantage of our Special Transfer Hosting Offer so that they would not lose any of the financial investment they had made with the companies they were leaving.”

The overwhelmingly positive response proved that customers looking for affordable hosting put a premium on uptime and reliability. Lunarpages’ 99.9% uptime even in the face of a city-wide power outage has reassured existing and new customers that Lunarpages is serious about providing the best web hosting for their dollar.

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