Web Host SiteGround Now Supports Secure Email

February 25, 2009
February 25, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host SiteGround now supports secure email, it was reported this week. The company has upgraded its MAP, POP3 and SMTP email services by implementing an encrypted connection (via SSL) for sending (SMTPs), receiving (POP3s) and reading emails (IMAPs).

SiteGround’s move is a bid to meet challenges posed by security risks during data transmissions, especially those on mobile and wireless networks. The company now offers SSL-encrypted connections when checking and sending emails. With Secure IMAP (IMAPs), POP3 (POP3s), and SMTP (SMTPs), all incoming and outgoing communication from and to a remote mail server is encrypted. All data sent or received by email is converted into Ciphertext and cannot be intercepted or hacked by third parties.

“Security and reliability of service is an ever-increasing concern for everyone. Here at SiteGround we are well aware of this and are constantly working for upgrading the security of our hosting service,” explained SiteGround’s Project Leader, Anatoly Dimitrov. “We believe that the introduction of IMAPs, POP3s, and SMTPs is a great benefit for our customers that guarantees secure and safe email environment”.

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