Web Host SiteGround started a company blog

March 12, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – SiteGround web hosting company has announced the start of its company blog. The blog will open new opportunities for a closer interaction with the customers and will provide ideas for further improvement of the customer service delivered by the company.

The company blog (http://blog.siteground.com/) opens the floor for sharing ideas and stimulates more friendly and personal communication with customers. It also reveals the human face behind www.siteground.com – who are the people behind the scenes and what are SiteGround values, beliefs, and corporate culture. The SiteGround Blog Team also promises to provide their readers with interesting insights behind the scenes of the web hosting business.

"For many years we have fought against the idea of having a corporate blog as we doubted its value for our customers. However, the online business environment has dramatically changed since then. Today the blog turns out to be a great tool for stimulating an open dialogue with clients, which on its turn will help us improve our customer service", says Tina Kesova, Marketing Specialist at SiteGround.

The start of a corporate blog and earlier a Facebook page and a Twitter account has once again proven that SiteGround is not only responsible for delivering reliable and secure hosting services, but also responding to social media trends in order to deliver even better customer experience!

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