Web Host Siteground Upgrades Shared and Cloud Hosting

October 30, 2015
Web Host Siteground Upgrades Shared and Cloud Hosting
Web host Siteground has announced plans to upgrade its shared and cloud hosting offerings. The company, which has headquarters in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, was established in 2004. It has built a solid reputation with a tradition of providing services for Open Source solutions such a Joomla and WordPress. The company’s latest upgrade will take around 4 months to complete and is designed to bring improved reliability to its services and an enhanced user experience to its customers.

The latest upgrade is in line with Siteground’s policy of adopting the “latest technologies” to enhance its services. Siteground will establish Linux Containers and Solid State Drive (SSD) Hosting for all of it hosting packages. SSD hard disks have no moving parts and as a result function significantly faster than the ‘spinning-disk’ type hard disks adopted in more traditional shared hosting services. Siteground has also updated their Supercacher to use Nginx + Memcache, making it “more compatible with SSL’. In addition, they have also made PHP 7 + Opcache available to customers in beta mode.

Siteground has doubled its servers’ available CPU capacity and doubled server memory resources. It has also introduced “rebootless vertical scalability” which simplifies server management and makes the adding of server resources such as RAM, CPU and storage effortless – all can be managed without the need for a server reboot. In addition, through Linux Containers which “replicate” data more easily, setting up a server in the wake of a server failure has become much easier and significantly less time consuming to achieve. Siteground has also enhanced its cloud hosting plans through the adoption of HVVM - an Open Source (OS) virtual machine solution for executing programs written in Hack and PHP.

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