Web Host SiteGround Working on Customized Theme for its Hosting Control Panel

February 13, 2009
February 13, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host SiteGround is working on a customized theme for the cPanel web hosting control panel used by its hosting customers, it was reported recently. According to the company, the move is intended to offer customers a “better user experience”. The theme includes “brand new tools for better account management”.

Known as “Crystal”, SiteGround’s new theme offers 4 sections that “make it easier for customers to find the information they need”: Quick Support, Find, Statistics and Account Information. The detailed statistics section offers users detailed Inode, Processes Running, CPU and Executions statistics. Graphical representations of the weekly stats will make it easy for users to monitor account performance, track peaks and troughs, and “indicate when their accounts have outgrown the current hosting plan and need an upgrade”.

The theme also offers “numerous tools for easier account management” including direct links for ordering account upgrades, a range of free resources, quick support section, and a tool to check version.

"Crystal, as we call it here, is a clear and well-arranged theme and at the same time providing all information customers may need in a speedy, convenient and accessible way," explained SiteGround Project Leader and Support Team Manager, Nikolay Todorov. “It is still in Beta version and a demo is available on our forum so that customers may see its functionalities and give their feedback on our discussion board."

Based in Bulgaria, SiteGround offers a range of web hosting options for individuals and businesses. The company has a strong focus on offering Open Source technologies and is one of the leading Mambo hosting companies. The company also features WordPress and VBulletin hosting alongside offering blogs and galleries, etc.

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