Web Host SiteGround.com Promises Free Web Hosting Resources, New Content and New Templates Next Quarter

May 15, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.Com) – Web host SiteGround.com has promised its customers free web hosting resources, new content, and new templates during the next quarter, it was reported recently. The company suggested it would “start releasing new themes and templates weekly”, adding to its already extensive range of free themes and templates for open source blogs and Content Management Systems (CMSs) such as Joomla and Mambo.

The company added that its “most experienced” technical staff will be involved in “updating and releasing new useful articles about website management, security improvement, software backup and upgrade, and functionality enhancement”.

"Currently, we maintain over 50 tutorials and over 1,000 web hosting articles,” explained project team leader, Anatoliy Dimitrov. “All the content is freely accessible via the web and has helped both SiteGround and non-SiteGround customers to solve their problems and manage easily their web pages. We believe we should further extend our resources and make them even more useful as there are so many people benefiting from them. "

The company’s content and resources mean its website has a Google PageRank of 8. "There are very few web hosting companies, who have won a ranking that high and we are very proud of it. This shows us that we are heading in the right direction and adding new content is important and useful to the community," added the company’s SEO expert, Kate Mihaleva.

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