Web Hosting Company Launches New Reseller Program

December 13, 2005
December 13, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Host Color LLC (http://www.hostcolor.com) recently announced a new reseller hosting offer that allows resellers to purchase credit points to purchase hosting services at discounted prices. "Host Color's new reseller packages are centered on providing fully capable hosting accounts for a large number of websites. Our customers can combine different hosting accounts in their package using the new credit system we launched," said Host Color's Executive Director Vesselin Drangajov.

"Our reseller program targets web professionals who manage multiple web sites. That’s why we want to offer them more options. Our new features are also good for anyone who just wants to earn revenue by reselling our hosting services. The main difference between the Reseller package we used to offer and the new one is that new program allows our resellers to use all the hosting options Host Color offers. By partnering with us they receive a chance to share a successful business model. It works for us and it will work for our partners," added Mr. Drangajov.

Host Color suggests its reseller solutions offer the same range of services as its standard plans and the new reseller program can cut hosting expenses by upwards of 30%. Resellers will also receive competitive pricing domain registration.

"Our main commitment is providing a quality service at an accessible price. In designing our new reseller solution we have aimed not only at providing a better price deal but at ensuring that our resellers and their end customers get a quality service and effective on-line presence," said Alexander Avramov, Host Color's sales manager.

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