Web Hosting Company Novara Surveys Irish Company’s on Preparations for 2006

Web hosting company Novara has conducted a telephone survey with 50 companies in the Irish industry sectors to establish their levels of preparedness and establish their IT requirements for 2006. The results of the survey were quite surprising.

Asked whether they had a business plan for 2006, 45% of respondents suggested they did, while 44% claimed NOT to have one in place. Asked what they would be seeking from the IT component of their business plans, the majority of respondents who answered ‘Yes’ to the first question (30%) said they would be looking for greater capacity through upgrading current IT infrastructure, while only 7% suggested they would be looking to developing ecommerce capability and only 7% suggested they would improve existing IT infrastructure security. The survey also revealed that 35% of companies develop in house software for IT solutions, while a whopping 55% suggested they would use Microsoft.

When asked “What do you foresee as the main benefit to your company’s growth from your IT investment in 2006”, 35% of respondents suggested business growth and 26% suggested they saw putting business processes online the chief benefit. Only 7% said they expected increased sales.

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