Web Hosting Provider AIT Addresses Security Issues

September 19, 2006
September 19, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider AIT (http://ait.com) is addressing some ‘real world’ security issues by introducing a “hosted IP camera solution suitable for daycare centers, nursing homes, office buildings, and a plethora of additional locations”.

As AIT’s Chief Executive Officer Clarence Briggs points out, the cameras provide more than just the obvious aspects of security, including “peace of mind for parents who want to see how a child is adjusting to a daycare, for instance.” Mr. Briggs added, “Cameras are also a tremendous hedge against liability; think how quickly a company’s reputation can suffer through a false allegation. Cameras don’t lie; charges can be quickly proven or refuted.”

The AIT service bundles cameras, hosted data storage and bandwidth to support surveillance solutions. “For businesses with multiple locations, in one community or in several, an IP-based system means the whole operation can be monitored from a single console,” said Bill Harrison, AIT’s Security Services Manager. “Even if a business has just one site, this technology is much easier to manage than close-captioned equipment and all the hardware that comes with.”

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