Web Hosting Provider AIT Fights Click Fraud

April 27, 2006
April 27, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider AIT (http://www.ait.com) has announced it is continuing its fight against click fraud by forging a partnership with Click Authority (http://clickauthority.com), a third-party click authentication service.

"AIT is determined to be at the forefront of battling click fraud, not just talking about it," suggested Clarence Briggs, AIT's Chief Executive Officer. "This partnership is a tangible means of confronting this growing problem with a company whose lifeblood is helping small businesses protect their marketing investment."

AIT has suggested that its cooperation with AIT will be the first in a number of partnerships with companies that produce tools that protect advertisers and website owners. AIT has already developed a website called Igeryon.com (http://www.igeryon.com) which acts as a portal dedicated to fighting fraud. Companies like Click Authority are featured alongside a presence on AIT’s main site.

"We are honored to be partnering with AIT, who has taken the lead in the fight against click fraud, and that they have recognized Click Authority as a leading technology in click fraud detection and prevention," explained Click Authority's President Mr. Charles Petruzzi.

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