Web Hosting Provider AIT Introduces Flexible Dedicated Hosting

March 31, 2006
March 31, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider AIT (http://AIT.com) has introduced flexible dedicated hosting which the company claims offers, “The control of a self-managed server; the support of a fully-managed solution.”

AIT’s Dedicated Root Server option allows users to configure a server to individual user specifications and including using 3rd party scripts and software. The option also provides free support. This is contrary to the usual approach where roots access means more limited support.

Discussing the new option, AIT’s Chief Executive Officer Clarence Brigg suggested, “Hosting is about support. Dedicated server users tend to go beyond vanilla installs, so these machines are treated much like our fully-managed solutions, only with greater flexibility and a bit more oomph.”

AIT’s Dedicated Root Servers are Xeon-powered with unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited domain names, 1 GB of RAM, and a range of additional features provided free of charge. The company’s support for root servers includes licensed applications, vendor-released patches, full network configuration, operating system reinstallations and upgrades and hardware repairs and upgrades.

“Our dedicated customers run the gamut of businesses but all rely on maximum uptime and fast response when problems arise, regardless of what is on their servers,” added Mr. Briggs.

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