Web Hosting Provider AIT Offers ‘Server Six Pak’

December 22, 2005
Web Hosting Provider AIT (http://www.ait.com) has announced the introduction of two new ‘multi-server offerings’ they have termed ‘Server Six Pak’. The offers include multiple dedicated Intel-powered servers designed to handle specific business functions including email, applications, and databases.

“These plans provide as many of the key pieces of an operation as possible in a single, cost-effective package,” said Clarence Briggs, AIT’s Chief Executive Officer. “We’re offering a complex-style solution without the complexity, or the price tag.”

AIT’s two ‘Server Six Pak’ offerings include a package with 2 application servers, 2 database servers and 2 web servers. Its second package includes 1 web server, 1 application server, 1 database server, a Firewall server, an Email Server and a ‘Hot Spare’. The packages create a mini-infrastructure with 12 IP addresses, full root access, and large amounts of disk space and bandwidth. Users can host an unlimited number of domains and sub-domains.

“Many of our customers add components to help their operations, and we realized there had to be a better way of doing that than the piece meal approach,” said Briggs. “This is that better way, particularly for companies that rely on secure, stable IT systems for operations. We just ask that you use the Six-Pak responsibly.”

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