Web Hosting Provider AIT Recommends an On-Line Retail Presence for Success in 2008

January 2, 2008
January 2, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc. (http://www.ait.com) has announced that its first ever discounts on its web site template bundles. Prices for the bundles http://www.ait.com/template-bundles.php have been discounted 20-40% and this promotion will last through the first quarter of 2008. To take advantage of this opportunity you must call Josh Wilkie or Bill Harrison at 1-800-878-4084.

Consumer confidence in shopping online is essential. The first step toward gaining consumer confidence is the ability to execute a secure transaction. AIT provides all of its retailers with the ability to acquire Secure Certificates (SSL) via AIT's Free Secure Certificate, or their own Secure Certificate through various industry leaders. For more information, click the link below www.ait.com/securecertificates.php . AIT supports the following secure certificates: SecureLook®, QuickSSL®, Verisign®, and Thawte®.

Larry Freed President and CEO of the firm ForSee Results believes “that online retailers must constantly improve their sites and listen to customer feedback.” “Our Ready4design content management system is designed for anyone from novices to experts and it is state of the art,” says Sean McCoy CMO of AIT. All of the purchasers of the web template bundle can add this mission critical tool at no cost.

Last but not least in closing the loop on setting up your web based business is letting your customers know where you are on the web. To that end tyBit ( www.tyBit.com ) the click fraud free online advertising network, is currently offering all businesses that sign up for its AdScriber program (www.tybit.com/adscriber.php) the opportunity to receive free advertising on line during the first Quarter of 2008. This is particularly beneficial for any business that wants to barter for targeted advertisements instead of paying money for ads. Search usage is traded for advertising. During the Beta period, adScribers™ ads are placed in the sponsored listings section of tyBit™ on a first come basis so sign up today!

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