Web Hosting Provider APlus Unveils New Affiliate Program

March 30, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting and design firm Aplus.Net has developed a new affiliate program that claims to give Web site owners higher payouts than popular syndicated advertising programs like Google’s Adwords.

The recently released affiliate program allows Web site owners to receive commissions by sending customers to Aplus.Net. Open to anyone with a Web site after a simple and free registration process, affiliates can easily control most aspects of their affiliate advertising campaigns. In addition, affiliates have access to real-time online performance and commission reports.

According to Michael Nieman, Vice President of Sales for Aplus.Net, the biggest benefit of the new program is that it is a highly lucrative opportunity for Web site owners, since most new Aplus.Net customers buy many different services at once. “It is not only possible, but realistic that affiliates can make $275 from a single customer referral.” Nieman refers to the case of a new small business owner, who would need everything from a domain, and shared or dedicated hosting.

Aplus.Net’s program comes at a time when many Web site owners are using syndicated advertisement programs (like Google’s Adwords) to earn extra income from their Web sites. Aplus.Net CEO Ivan Vachovsky is cautious about such programs, and claims that strategically chosen affiliate programs are a much more lucrative way to make money.

“With syndicated text-link advertisement programs, you get paid a few cents to lose each site visitor,” says Vachovsky. “While I have nothing against these programs, I think many Web site owners could make better money if they chose good affiliate programs that run parallel to--but don’t directly compete with--their line of business.”

While there are no major restrictions as to what types of Web sites can participate in the program, Vachovsky says ideal affiliates for Aplus.Net’s program have decent traffic numbers and a large audience of small business owners – the same audience that Aplus.Net specializes in serving.

Vachovsky says the affiliate program is a no-risk initiative, because Web site owners can continually track the results of their campaigns via the affiliate program’s Web interface, and if the program doesn’t work for a specific site, the site owner can pull the affiliate ads.

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