Web Hosting Provider Aplus.Net Advocates ‘Net Neutrality’

September 5, 2006
September 5, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Aplus.Net firmly supports ‘net neutrality’ provisions to current U.S. legislation regulating telecommunications, the company announced recently. According to the company, the guidelines would apply “common carrier rules” to Internet service providers (ISPs) that would ensure all Internet traffic is “managed on equal terms” and help ensure that “all web content remains equally accessible to all users”.

Aplus is reflecting concerns within the Internet community that if Internet legislation is passed without built in net neutrality provisions it may lead to ISPs being able to give preference to certain websites. This in turn could lead to companies with greater financial resources paying for better Internet exposure. This would rob the Internet of its potential for promoting entrepreneurship and hinder small businesses growing into the Amazon.coms and eBays of tomorrow.

“Aplus.Net has taken this position to defend small business interests on the Internet,” suggested Theo Ivanov, Marketing Director for Aplus.Net. “We don’t believe ISPs should be able to play favorites with the content they carry. Likewise, consumers shouldn’t have certain content forced on them, while other content is withheld. It creates an unfair playing field, and that’s bad economic policy. Some who oppose net neutrality argue that it’s unwelcome government regulation. We believe that this is one situation where regulation is not only desirable—it’s necessary.”

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