Web Hosting Provider Aplus.Net Introduces the ‘TikiWiki’

December 7, 2005
San Diego-based web hosting provider Aplus.Net has introduced the ‘TikiWiki’ – an advanced, open source web-based content management system (CMS) with a range of features, some entirely unique. Features include mobile phone access and community building applications that facilitate teamwork and enable businesses to keep in contact with customers more easily. Basic features of the system include blogs, forums, webmail, surveys, newsletters, image gallery, calendars, and banner rotation. Advanced features include VoiceTiki - an audio component that generates “talking” web pages.

The ‘TikiWiki’ offers a number of communication channels that include forums, polls, and surveys that make it easier for a company to gauge customer satisfaction. The system also provides a range of collaboration tools that Aplus.Net claim can reduce costs by improving employee productivity. “We are excited to offer such a powerful and innovative tool to our customers,” suggested CEO and President of Aplus.Net Mr. Ivan Vachovsky. “Technology evolves constantly, and Aplus.Net strives to be on the frontier so that our customers have the best possible options available to them when they craft their online presence.”

The ‘TikiWiki’ is available to all Aplus.Net web hosting customers with a “SoloXR” hosting plan and greater. Setup and maintenance training is available for advanced TikiWiki options and the system can be installed automatically through the Aplus.Net control panel.

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