Web Hosting Provider Aplus.Net Launches Photos Viewing and Emailing via TiVo

March 30, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Aplus.Net (http://www.aplus.net) has announced a partnership with TiVo to launch an effective approach to viewing and managing digital photos. The new service, known as ‘Web-a-Photo’, enables users to view online photos on a television screen. Users are able to rotate, increase the size of specific photos, produce slideshows and email photos using TiVo remote.

"Aplus.Net takes pride in introducing ground-breaking services like this one to our customers," commented Ivan Vachovsky CEO and President of Aplus.Net. "Viewing photos on a 50" or even 100" plasma television screen can be very exciting, particularly if it is easy to do – no cables, converters, adapters, etc.. With our new service, users have the freedom to manage photos by simply using a TV remote. Our engineers weighted many options when creating this service and I am very glad that we chose to use the TiVo system, as it really stands above the competition with respect to ease of use."

Web-a-Photo requires users to download software and set up a free Web-a-Photo account. The Web-a-Photo client automatically recognizes camera and media card readers to facilitate automatic uploads. The service is currently available as a Beta version for Aplus.Net customers with Solo XR plans or above.

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