Web Hosting Provider APLUS.NET Provides Google Site Map Tool

November 23, 2005
November 23, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider APLUS.NET has announced it will provide a site map tool and Google site map tool as part of the options offered through its user control panel. The site map tool being provided shows visitors the information flow of a website and where to find the content and information they are looking for. The Google site map being offered is an XML-based document that facilitates easier indexing on Google and, according to some, improves Google ranking and positioning.

“Aplus.Net is constantly striving to bring the most useful and strategic tools to our customers,” said John Martis, Aplus.Net’s EVP of Operations. “The site map tools are important in marketing your website and offerings to qualified leads in different ways. The Google site map helps you improve your search results by enabling Google to better index your website. The standard site map allows your website’s visitors to quickly pinpoint what they are attempting to find. Ultimately, your business acquires more customers due to better access to relevant information.”

Both the site map and the Google site map sit alongside over 80 tools offered by the Aplus.Net Control Panel and are available to Aplus.Net customers with a minimum of a Solo XR plan.

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