Web Hosting Provider CrystalTech Selects FusionReactor

September 12, 2006
September 12, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider CrystalTech (http://www.crystaltech.com) has selected FusionReactor to provide enhanced ColdFusion performance monitoring and protection, it was announced today. The company has partnered with Intergral GmbH to facilitate the move.

FusionReactor is an Adobe's ColdFusion MX server add on that examines applications, servers and databases and identifies and alerts users to performance problems before they become critical. The system’s new Enterprise Dashboard provides a visual indication the performance of the servers being monitored with alerts provided for issues such as low memory, slow running requests and slow SQL queries.

“FusionReactor is designed to meet the high demands of leading hosting companies like CrystalTech – it enables them to increase customer service while lowering manual support effort, using FusionReactor’s pro-active monitoring and server self-healing strategies. We are very excited about the new partnership and look forward to working closely together in the future,” explained David Tattersall, CEO of Intergral.

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