Web Hosting Provider DreamHost Announces Launch of ‘Remixer’ WordPress Feature

August 15, 2018
Web Hosting Provider DreamHost Announces Launch of ‘Remixer’ WordPress Feature
Web hosting provider DreamHost has announced the launch of a new WordPress feature for its ‘Remixer’ click-to-edit” website building platform. DreamHost has headquarters in Los Angeles, California, United States and alongside WordPress solutions offers shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) options and dedicated servers. The company also offers its proprietary ‘DreamObjects’ cloud storage and ‘DreamCompute’ cloud computing services as well as domain name registration. Remixer “is available free of charge for the users of any of its DreamHost hosting plans” and was launched in early 2017. DreamHost’s new feature allows Remixer users to “export websites and their content directly to WordPress”.

DreamHost customers that use Remixer “now have the power to export their sites to WordPress, carrying across all styles, theming, and content created within Remixer into a freshly created WordPress website” – the only website builder currently to provide this functionality. The move eliminates Remixer’s “’walled garden’ approach to website content and brings true data portability to Remixer users”. The WordPress export feature is currently in beta and available free of charge to DreamHost customers.

“We’re committed to supporting the Open Web,” explained Ralph Castro, the Vice President of Product, Remixer at DreamHost. “From free speech to free software, to giving our users complete control and ownership of their data, today’s launch builds on the web’s early promise to help users share their content online on their platform of choice.”

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