Web Hosting Provider eApps Launches Load Balancer Service For High Availability

November 4, 2011
November 4, 2011 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – eApps Hosting announced the launch of a Load Balancer service for web sites requiring High Availability (HA). The service provides a redundant, scalable environment for mission critical web sites. The eApps Load Balancer service is implemented in a Cloud based Virtual Machine running HAProxy, stunnel, and Heartbeat. The Load Balancer HA configuration can be scaled horizontally by deploying additional application server Virtual Machine instances and vertically by increasing the computing resources for existing Virtual Machine instances. The resulting solution is robust, reliable, and economical.

HAProxy, running in a private Xen Virtual Machine, provides a secure, high performance Load Balancer connected to multiple front end Virtual Machines. For security, stunnel is used to invoke an encryption wrapper that allows for the sharing of an SSL certificate across front end instances. For redundancy, a failover Load Balancer can be deployed using Heartbeat. Back end database servers can also be deployed in a failover configuration. Customers can rapidly increase the computing capacity of their site by deploying additional front end application Virtual Machine instances and by simply increasing the resources of Virtual Machines in the cluster. Virtual Machine instances for all components can be deployed across multiple physical Cloud zones for maximum redundancy.

Virtual Machine instances are created using the eApps Create-A-Cloud tool. This tool allows customers to specify and adjust the RAM, CPU, Disk, and other resources for all Virtual Machines. Within minutes, the Virtual Machines can be created and adjusted. eApps User Guides provide instructions on how to configure the common Load Balancer HA scenarios. The eApps technical staff is available to assist customers with their configuration at no extra cost. For complex HA scenarios, the eApps team will design a custom solution for a reasonable fee.

The eApps Virtual Machine in the Cloud service provides the foundation for a reliable and economical HA solution. eApps offers a “true cloud” environment using OnApp’s advanced cloud management system. VPN security solutions are also available for any service offered by eApps. The service is supported by a team of fast responders that can be accessed 24/7 by phone, chat, Skype, email, or web form.

About eApps Hosting

eApps Hosting is a value-added provider of cloud hosting services for businesses and organizations, serving more than 5000 customers, hosting over 15,000 domains in more than 150 countries. eApps Hosting offers a “true cloud” service running 32 and 64 bit Xen Virtual Machines for commercial-grade web sites, web applications and email services with highly personalized, responsive service.

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