Web Hosting Provider eApps Launches Virtual Machine in The Cloud Service

April 1, 2011
April 1, 2011 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – eApps Hosting announced today the launch of the Virtual Machine in the Cloud hosting service. The service combines the best aspects of a cloud computing architecture with the predictable pricing of traditional plan-based virtual private servers. Using the eApps Create-A-Cloud tool, customers can create their own custom hosting plan, and adjust resources as needed, with known recurring billing. The underlying hosting environment is built with a fault tolerant cloud architecture to ensure high performance and uptime.

eApps Hosting announces the launch of the Virtual Machine in the Cloud service. Customers can immediately deploy and control fixed priced 64 bit Xen Virtual Machines in a true cloud architecture running software by OnApp, the leading provider of software for the management of cloud hosting services. The fixed price, customizable Virtual Machine in the Cloud service is in production and available now.

Using the eApps Create-A-Cloud tool, customers can select the quantities of CPU, RAM, disk and other computing resources and immediately create a Virtual Machine with a known, recurring billing amount. When demand for computing resources changes, customers can immediately adjust the resources of their Virtual Machines, which simply adjusts the price of their plan. Customers have the flexibility to deploy and adjust computing resources to meet demand, yet have a predictable recurring fee for their custom cloud plan.

Internally, the architecture consists of powerful hypervisor servers equipped with the latest Intel Xeon CPUs, high speed SANs for data services, and a network designed for rapid data transmission. The architecture is powered by OnApp’s state of the art cloud management system. The eApps Cloud is designed for speed, reliability and ease of use.

The eApps Virtual Machine in the Cloud service includes access to a supported Application Repository of middle-ware software used to power mission critical web sites, including Tomcat, GlassFish, JBoss, Liferay Portal, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. The service is supported by a team of fast responders that can be accessed 24/7 by phone, chat, Skype, email, or web form.

About eApps Hosting

eApps Hosting is a value-added provider of managed hosting services for businesses and organizations, serving more than 5000 customers, hosting over 25,000 domains in more than 150 countries. eApps Hosting offers a “true cloud” service running 64 bit Xen Virtual Machines for commercial-grade web sites, web applications and email services with highly personalized, responsive service.

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