Web Hosting Provider Easyspace Launches Customer Club

September 28, 2006
September 28, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Easyspace (has launched a service its calling “Customer Club” http://customerclub.easyspace.com). The Customer Club program is designed to reward new and existing Easyspace customers for choosing the company and for their loyalty.

Customers involved in the scheme will earn points for buying a service from Easyspace, renewing an Easyspace service and referring new customers to the company. 10 points will be offered to customers for every dollar spent on a new service and 5 points per dollar spent when renewing a service. Once enough points are generated, customers will be able to use their points to acquire services such as domain name registration, web hosting and email services.

"We've developed the Customer Club as a thank you to existing customers, but also as an incentive to potential new customers. Like other companies, we can (and do) bundle more features into packages and reduce the costs for the customer, but we feel that rewarding the customer throughout their time with us, rather than only on initial signup, is a far better approach," explained Sarah Haran, Managing Director of Easyspace. "Customers will be able to earn loyalty points each time they buy and renew with Easyspace, allowing them to then buy further services using their collected points rather than money."

Easyspace customers can also use their points against firebox.com products and services and 6 and 12 month Computer Active magazine subscriptions.

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