Web Hosting Provider eBoundHost Expands Datacenter

December 14, 2005
December 15, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Chicago-based web hosting provider eBoundHost.com (http://www.eboundhost.com) has announced it will expand its datacenter in the first quarter of 2006. Although still offering growth potential, the company decided to expand its current center by moving into a new building that was formerly an airline communication and computer center.

eBoundHost’s new building has been transformed into a high availability data center with biometric security and full data/power redundancy. Dual OC192 connections and redundant power lines enter from opposing sides of the building and are regulated through redundant switching rooms, backed up with industrial UPS battery units and a high output diesel generator. Access is strictly forbidden and the building is surrounded by barbed wire. Security guards, biometric sensors and 24/7 closed circuit security cameras ensure the building’s security.

The company’s new capabilities will offer eBoundHost customers a faster response time and greater transfer speeds. Upgrades will take 90 minutes per server and have been managed to take place during weekend hours to minimize loss of traffic.

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