Web Hosting Provider Host Color Announces New Control Panel Version

December 25, 2005
December 25, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – US shared web hosting provider Host Color (http://www.hostcolor.com) has released version 2 of its proprietary hosting control panel. The software is currently undergoing testing by Host Color engineers and the company expects the panel to be in operation by the end of the year. Aside from an improved, user-friendly design, the new ‘NextColor’ control panel will offer greater flexibility as far as skins and localization support are concerned.

"By writing our own hosting software we want to make our business independent and our service unique. The first version of the web hosting control panel ensured the reliability and the functionality of our servers. Also with NextColor by not depending on the big control panel vendors such as CPanel or Ensim we can fix any technical issues, or update any software that we use as soon as its needed," suggested Host Color’s manager Vesselin Drangajov.

"In the development philosophy of NextColor version 2 we have been building an advanced design for our software. We have also made an important update of the version of the Linux distribution that we use], to ensure that all the software on our servers remains up to date. Our new control panel will also have a number of unique features, such as choice between PHP 5 and 4, a large set of pre-installed applications, advanced database management and much more.

“I am sure that once our customers begin using our software they will see that it's a hosting control panel built with their needs in mind. Also we have employed a new professional design for the control panel. It makes managing one's website an eye-pleasing experience," added Host Color's chief development engineer Venelin Mihailov.

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