Web Hosting Provider Host Color Announces Promotion

February 10, 2009
February 10, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – To celebrate the Valentine’s Day period web hosting provider Host Color has announced a new promotion, it was reported recently. The company, which bills itself as “a global provider of quality web hosting, Virtuozzo VPS and dedicated hosting services”, will start its "InLove" web hosting campaign February 10, 2009. The campaign allows a 15% instant web hosting rebate on all web hosting service plans. To benefit from the promotion, customers need only add the following coupon code at signup: HOSTINGLOVE2009. The campaign ends February 28, 2009.

"We decided to release coupon code that discounts the price of our services with 15% because, this will save our customer real money,” explained Host Color’s Managing Director, Alexander Avramov. “Everybody talks about financial crisis and economic slowdown, but at the same the daily expenses for doing business are increasing. Host Color is a stable company not because it is a part of any corporate financial web hosting scheme, but because we are traditional hosting service provider."

Besides the "InLove" promotional campaign the web host offers a number of opportunities to consumers to sign up for a quality service at lowered price or to get any complimentary products. The web host currently offers free SSl certificate with one of its virtual private servers - VPS Power, a 10% instant rebate on Drupal and Social Web hosting plans.

Operating out of Delaware, USA, Host Color bills itself as a “quality U.S. web hosting company”. The company caters for “thousands of business and personal websites” through data centers in South Bend, Indiana, USA and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company’s ethos is based around the fact "web hosting is about people, not about websites.”

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