Web Hosting Provider Host Color Increases Storage and Bandwidth

December 19, 2005
December 19, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Host Color (http://www.hostcolor.com) announced yesterday it has updated three of its key hosting plans. The company’s Mini and Midi plans will now offer greater storage, and its Max plan greater storage and greater bandwidth. Storage space for the Mini plan will increase to 50 MB of web space from 20 MB, the Midi plan will increase from 50 MB to 350 MB, and the Max Pack now offers 1000 MB of disk space and 30 GB of bandwidth.

"The Mini and the Midi have enjoyed much popularity ever since we started our company in 2000. We know that updating their features would make them even more attractive and functional. The new updated features in our hosting plans have been carefully coordinated with our system administrators. We have made sure that an increase in plan capacity would in no way affect adversely the quality of service. As we said in an article for our hosting blog our hosting offers are meant to be used. That's why Host Color has made sure we have the server and the backup capacity before upgrading our packages," said Host Color's Executive Director Vesselin Drangajov.

Host Color’s move comes as part of a series of improvements to packages and the inclusion of a string of new services available to customers. The company also announced plans for an upgrade of its proprietary control panels. "By next week we are also getting ready for another major update in our service. We would be releasing the new milestone version of our Next Color control panel. I believe Host Color's customers will be lucky to use one of the most functional and best looking web hosting Control Panels on the web," said Mr. Drangajov.

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