Web Hosting Provider Host Color LLC Expands Partnership Offers to Software Vendors and Online Companies

February 14, 2006
February 14, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH) – Web hosting provider Host Color LLC (http://www.hostcolor.com) has announced its intention to ‘expand partnership offers’ to software vendors and online companies. Host Color will offer services at preferential rates to selected partners’ customers and will launch a new voucher system which will promote its association with a number of selected partners.

Host Color has suggested it intends to partner with companies that display a commitment to high standards of service. The company will provide a range of offerings that compliment those of its partners and the discounts that their customers receive (up to 15% on a range of web hosting and domain registration services) will offer software developers or vendors substantial marketing leverage.

"Host Color is a rapidly developing company. We operate in data centers in the United States and Europe. We also have developed our own control panel software. The greatest value of our service however comes from the effort that our staff put into providing a superb service. That's why we are looking for partnership with reputable IT businesses that would match this attitude," suggested Vesselin Drangajov, Host Color's manager.

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