Web Hosting Provider Host Color Rebates American Express Card Holders

July 20, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Host Color has announced it is offering rebates in the form of “discounted hosting services” to customers who are American Express card holders. The company has added a 5% rebate to web hosting plans purchased with all American Express cards.

"The recent internal review of our customer base showed that the most loyal customers of ours used their American Express to pay for a web site services. We spoke to American Express and received their approval to offer an instant rebate on web hosting services and products purchased with their cards," suggested Alexander Avramov, Customer Service Manager of Host color LLC.

This latest move comes on the heels of a number of initiatives geared towards improving the company’s “customer experience”. These have included the addition of local phone numbers for New York and Toronto, Canada and the inclusion of Live Chat Software and phpAdsNew. In addition Host Color provides discounted services to non-governmental organizations and educational institutions offering students and academics 15% discount on sign-up.

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