Web Hosting Provider Host Department Launches NOLIMIT Hosting

September 25, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Host Department (http://www.hostdepartment.com) has launched what it terms ‘NOLIMIT Domain Hosting’. Users of the service are able to host unlimited domain names under a single hosting account.

“Customers nowadays own multiple domain names. They may have one for their family, one for personal use and another one for business purposes,” explained Peter Vontainne, Host Department Business Development Manager.

“Hosting companies today only provide limited domain hosting. Some may only provide one domain hosting for a single hosting account. However, a single website can have two or three domain names. To limit them in the number of domain names that they can host is the same as losing them to our competitors,” added Mr. Vontainne.

Established in 1997, Host Department has data centers in Fremont and Santa Clara, California and caters to individuals and small businesses up to large corporations.

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