Web Hosting Provider Host Gator and Opens Canadian Office

June 28, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Host Gator has opened a new office in Canada, the company announced recently. According to Host Gator the reasoning behind the move was to better cater for the company's “growing North American presence”.

Host Gator Canada will provide support for the company’s US offices by dealing with administrative tasks and responding to support tickets. According to Host Gator, “All staff will become direct employees of the company and no sub-contracted workers will be hired”. The Canadian office will employ around 12 technical system administrations staff.

"Host Gator's expansion to Canada is a major milestone in our company's history," explained Host Gator’s President Mr. Brent Oxley. "The company has grown rapidly and we felt it was necessary to expand our administrative and technical support infrastructure in order to maintain the level of service our customers are accustomed to."

"We have had many qualified admins apply from Canada as well as other countries, but because of US laws it's not easy to get them working here in the United States," added Mr. Oxley. "With our Canadian offices, it will be easier for us to hire from this abundant talent pool and have them work directly out of our office, avoiding the complicated process of securing work visas for international talent."

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