Web Hosting Provider Host Gator Enters VoIP Market with Launch of VOIPo LLC

August 3, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Host Gator has entered the VoIP Market with the launch of VOIPo LLC, it was announced today. VOIPo will be an “independent subsidiary of Host Gator” who is well known for its shared, dedicated and reseller hosting services. According to VOIPo its offerings will be launched in September 2006 and they are currently conducting Beta testing.

VOIPo will provide VoIP throughout the United States and enable customers to make telephone calls at a much lower cost than through standard telephone services. "Let's face it: VoIP is hot and it's getting hotter. As the technology advances, we're fast approaching a point where switching to a VoIP-based service is the only logical option for smart consumers," explained VOIPo’s President and CEO Mr. Timothy Dick. "VOIPo will not only provide those consumers with a rock-solid option, but it will also allow entrepreneurs nationwide to enter the VoIP market easily and capitalize on the demand."

"Offering an emerging technology such as VoIP is a great way for our web hosting reseller partners to expand their service portfolio and generate more revenues," added Brent Oxley, co-founder of VOIPo. "We plan to duplicate Host Gator's success in reseller hosting with VOIPo's reseller VoIP offerings," he added.

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