Web Hosting Provider HostMySite.com Partners with Auersoft

August 5, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Delaware-based web hosting provider HostMySite.com has partnered with business intelligence solutions provider Auersoft to create customized document management and managed hosting solutions based on the VisualVault document management system. Businesses seeking virtual libraries for mission-critical documentation and data will be able to store and access that data from anywhere in the world using a secureweb-based repository.

VisualVault allows HostMySite to deliver complete document management and managed hosting solutions within aggressive timelines. "VisualVault's
web-based architecture is scalable from small workgroups up to large and complex enterprise implementations," comments Tod Olsen, CTO of Auersoft.

"Even a large-scale implementation can be quickly web-enabled with very little IT support."

HostMySite will be able to quickly build customized repositories with front-end web portals based on VisualVault technology. Businesses can store,
access, and edit documentation and data from anywhere in the world using a secure web-interface. Investing in an affordable hosted document management solution provides developing businesses the organization and information sharing critical for successful growth.

"Setup and training for this customized solution is easy since the VisualVault software is so user-friendly. We've found that businesses can
rapidly learn the system and begin to upload and compile their critical documents within a short period of time," reports Jason Morris, Director of
Sales and Marketing of HostMySite. "And with the level of support they get with our managed hosting solutions, they will always have a dedicated business partner with HostMySite."

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