Web Hosting Provider Intermedia.NET Research Probes Stereotypes

September 18, 2006
September 18, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Intermedia.NET has engaged in extensive research into a number of stereotypes that apply to people involved in IT. The results are surprising - according to the study, IT people are “twice as likely” to wear a heavy metal t-shirt as colleagues in non-IT functions and 34% more likely to wear a ponytail.

Intermedia’s study also revealed other facts about IT people – they are 63% more likely to wear black jeans, although both business and IT people are “equally likely” to wear a cellphone belt clip and wear “dated 1990s” spectacles.

"Our research provides an interesting insight into the life of IT people," explained Rurik Bradbury, VP of Marketing at Intermedia.NET. "Our large Microsoft Gold Certified team of engineers was comforted that IT people are twice as likely to wear Megadeth and similar t-shirts, and that black jeans and ponytails are still hot items. However, they were distraught to find that the cellphone belt clip has gone ‘mainstream’ and lost its identification with the IT subculture."

"Intermedia.NET believes the findings in this study to be very valuable," added Mr. Bradbury. "Both business managers and IT professionals are quickly adopting hosted Microsoft Exchange, and this research helps us to better understand the mindset of our customers."

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