Web Hosting Provider SiteGround Supports Open Source Through Contests and Conference

August 16, 2007
August 16, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider SiteGround (http://www.siteground.com/) is supporting Open Source through the sponsorship of contests and a conference, the company announced yesterday. SiteGround will continue to sponsor events throughout the rest of the year.

SiteGround contributed the top prize at the TextPlates (http://www.textplates.com/) competition for TextPattern templates held in July - the second year running the company has done so. The contest aims to increase the popularity of the TextPattern software and “ease the creation of new TextPattern-based blogs by providing more free templates”. The number of the free TextPattern themes available at textplates.com is now over 60.

SiteGround web hosting is also sponsoring the BlogBackupOnline contest, which ends tomorrow. BlogBackupOnline provides free backup services for blog websites. The contest initiative is to increase the awareness amongst blog users of the value of back up. SiteGround hosts more than 10,000 blogs on its servers and strongly supports the idea of that regular back up is extremely important.

SiteGround is also a sponsor at this year’s DrupalCon held in Barcelona September 19-22, 2007. The conference will be the meeting point of Drupal developers and designers from all over the world. SiteGround has been providing Drupal hosting packages since 2003 and offers free Drupal tutorials and themes.

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