Web Hosting Provider Ubiquity Hosting Offers New Affiliate Program

April 12, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Ubiquity Hosting (http://www.ubiquityhosting.com) has announced that it is offering a new affiliate referral program. The program marks a number of revisions designed to benefit existing members. They include multiple tiers of referral payouts, dependent on the type of hosting package a newly referred client subscribes to.

“Our original affiliate program was forged by the principles of the other hosting companies. We’ve rethought out all options for the new format so that our hosting clients can get what they want out of a referral program. If tomorrow one of our clients refers Microsoft to us, they’re going to reap a reward beyond belief – and that’s just as they deserve," suggested Ubiquity Hosting’s Chief Operating Officer Corey Northcutt.

As pointed out on the company’s website, tracking referrals exclusively through browser cookies has ended. Most hosting signups do not come immediately after discovering an affiliate scheme and this means cookies can expire, particularly if they are blocked by browser security settings. Ubiquity Hosting now asks new members to provide detailed information about how they discovered the affiliate program, greatly increasing the percentage of referrals recognized as coming from a particular source.

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