Web Hosting Provider Uplinkearth and Edit.com Offer Site Maintenance Services

February 3, 2007
February 3, 2007 – (HOSTSAEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider Uplinkearth (http://www.uplinkearth.com) and website maintenance services provider Edit.com (http://www.edit.com) have partnered to offer site maintenance services, it was announced recently. The services include a “full suite of do-it-for-me and do-it-yourself maintenance services to uplinkearth's new and existing hosting customers”.

Uplinkearth customers are now able to purchase discounted service packages (20% discount on all new orders until February 28, 2007) through a co-branded section of Edit.com’s website that only allows access to uplinkearth customers. The services available in the section are designed for people looking to “build, update, repair or enhance their websites”.

The service includes custom site creation, ‘DIY’ content editing tools, and a range of site features such as “online polls, drop-down menus, interactive calendars and other products and services” designed to improve and enhance a website.

“It is important that our customers have access to the most effective and cutting-edge tools available to maximize the success of their websites,” suggested the President and CEO of uplinkearth, Mr. Michael Yablonowitz. “The partnership with Edit.com presents an opportunity that will not only prove to enhance the overall functionality and usability of our customers’ websites, but that will also empower our customers to take on additional site maintenance responsibilities. In the end, this saves both time and money.”

“Combining uplinkearth's award-winning hosting services with Edit.com's comprehensive website maintenance services is a win-win for uplinkearth and its customers,” added CEO of Edit.com, Mr. Steve Grushcow. “Together we're making it easy for website owners to get fast, reliable and cost-effective service for their websites.”

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