Web Hosting Provider uplinkearth Offers New Affiliate Program

May 4, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web hosting provider uplinkearth (www.uplinkearth.com) has announced that it is now offering new affiliate program designed to promote its suite of virtual Windows web hosting solutions and dedicated servers.

The company’s previous affiliate program, which was managed by a third party, helped the company maintain constant growth throughout its seven years of service to the industry. uplinkearth hopes to continue the momentum with its new program.

“Affiliate marketing has been an important strategy for uplinkearth in the past several years, and as we continue to expand our products and services, our affiliate program must remain competitive and meet the demands of the people we serve,” said Michael Yablonowitz, uplinkearth President and CEO.

In early April, the previous affiliate program was deactivated and affiliates were sent a notice informing them of the change. Accrued commissions from the previous program were transferred to the new one.

“We have received a lot of positive feedback with our new affiliate interface and program incentives, and I think the community has really embraced the changes,” said Yablonowitz.

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